Rolf Kenmo

Stockholm, Sweden
Humankonsult AB

My vision is like the title of my book "Let the Personality Bloom". We have now long experience of the use of the HumanGuide concepts in Sweden, Brazil and Switzerland. The core of the concepts is a personality test, which is available in Swedish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian and Finnish. I like to introduce HumanGuide into more countries...

I started to develop my HumanGuide® concepts during 1986. I had then worked 14 years as a management consultant. The concepts supports development of individuals, leaders, teams and companies/organizations.

The concepts are easy to use, fast, practical and pedagogic. It is more like a development system than only doing profiles/tests. Moreover HumanGuide is based on a very accurate personality theory of Leopold Szondi (1893-1986). The theory has 8 basic factors and gives then more precision than most competitors with four e.g. DISC and the BigFive-based tests. It is the only questionnaire based on that theory in the world. In May 2009 the concept's testmodule was approved as the first internet-based forced-choice personality test in Brazil. The origin of the test is Sweden and the consultant company Humankonsult AB.

Specialties: Team development, leadership development, organisation development, executive coaching, recruitment, assessment, education, training, personal development. A good private life too;-)